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Over 1000 Private Individuals
As well as translating for Courts, Barristers/Lawyers/Notaries and companies, we have translated for over 1000 private individuals. You may read below some recent feedback from clients who were satisfied with their official translations.

- The Tribunaux d'Instance and Tribinaux de Grande Instance of La Rochelle, Rochefort and Saintes,
- for Notary offices (property purchases)
- CCI Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rochelle, during the Ambassador of India's visit

Lawyers / Notaries
Maître ARIAS, Blanche-Marie (Perigueux)
Maîtres BESNARD, Jean-Marc & Maître DABIN, Eric (Niort)
Maître BROUSMICHE (Paris)
Maîtres CLAIRAND & ROUGIER (Rochefort)
Maître DESFOSSES-MOREAU, Dorothée (La Rochelle)
Maître FERNANDES (La Rochelle)
Maîtres FORT & Maître MASSON (Parthenay/Niort)
Maître KOOB (La Rochelle)
Maître LESEC (Paris)
Maître MARCAULT-DEROUARD (Fort de France)
Maître MEUNIER (Bressuire)
Maître PASCOT, Frédérique (Poitiers)
Maître SAINDERICHIN, Eric (Rochefort)
Maître SELOSSE, T. (Bressuire)
Maître SIMHON (Paris)
Maître TOUREN-GROSSEAU (Versailles)

Dufour Yachts (La Rochelle), La Rochelle-Ile de Ré Airport, Office National des Forêts (Fontenbleau), INSEAD Business School (Fontenbleau), FNAIM (Paris), Salomon Intellectual Property Department (Annecy), Chamber of Commerce (La Rochelle), General Motors (France), Office de Tourisme -Saint Clément des Baleines (Ré Island), Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (Rochefort), Clinique IENA (Paris), Lavoisier, HSBC Bank (various branches), Red Hat (France), Daily Motion (France), Mikou Design Studio (Paris), Ici et La (Saint Barts), Classic French Homes (Dordogne) Landsbanki Luxembourg S.A., Fountaine-Pajot (La Rochelle), Chamber of Agriculture 17 (La Rochelle), (Port of Rochefort), Pcubed (France), OM Group (France), (web agency in La Rochelle) (UK & France).

Some (kind & unsolicited) Satisfied Clients' Feedback

Dear Peter,  I received the translations today.  They look perfect - let's hope Securite Sociale think so! Thank you for your attention, and I'm sure we'll use your services again.
Yours sincerely, Shelley (Le Muy - March 2014)
Hello Peter,I once again have need of your services. It seems like I am trapped forever in paperwork! I am in the process applying for a renewal of my British passport. However, since the time my previous one was issued I have remarried.  The passport authority requires a translation of my "acte de mariage". 
Many thanks in advance, Shona (Rodez - March 2012)
Dear Sir, thank you for the swift service. The translations arrived today and now I just need to get onto the Caf. I will certainly be letting other people know about your services. Everything has been very straightforward, at a price that is 'correcte'. Sincerely, Shona (Seine-Saint-Denis - March 2012)